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We are here to serve YOU! We provide the following baseball training and evaluative services to meet your every need:

Pitching Mechanics Training

Utilizing proper pitching mechanics is essential to achieve success and maintain arm health. Our staff analyze and correct your mechanics at each step in the process.

Pitching Velocity Training

At MPA we utilize a systematic approach to improve your pitching velocity. We focus on your pitching style, leg strength, torso rotation, separation, extension and release.

Pitching Location Training

A pitcher with the ability to locate pitches in the zone will dominate on the mound. Coupled with the ability to change speed, we'll train you to keep hitters off balance.

Online Pitching Analysis

Busy schedule? No worries. Send us a short video of your pitching style and we'll use the industry proven hudl app to send feedback and suggestions to suffice until we can connect for formal training!

Hitting Training

We develop players to have a positive contribution to the game both defensively and offensively. Our awesome staff of former MLB players are waiting to train YOU!

Wholistic Nutritional and Dietary Programs

A good nutrition program and dietary regimen are an important part of a player's physical and mental development. Proper nutrition leads to optimal performance.

Mental and Emotional Baseball Training

Remain Calm! Your next strike is at hand! Pitchers operate under extreme pressure and must be confident, disciplined and poised all at the same time. We can help!

Speed and Agility Training

Acceleration, sprinting and reacting on the base path are keys to success. We use intense drills and biomechanic training to build functional strength and increase core stability.

Mitchell Pitching Academy

We Are Committed To Making YOU A Better Player!

Our outstanding staff compiles over 20 years of professional, semi-professional, collegiate and travel ball experience. We are here to serve YOU! Our services include training for every aspect of the game. All you have to bring is a strong work ethic and a desire to be a better player. We'll help develop the rest. Thanks for your interest in our baseball services.

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Greetings From Our Founder:
I am DJ Mitchell, Founder of Mitchell Baseball Academy and former New York Yankees pitcher. We are a newly developed baseball training company serving the Piedmont Triad and Charlotte Metro Area of North Carolina. Our outstanding services include pitching mechanics, velocity and location services, hitting instruction, fundamental baseball knowledge, mental toughness, speed and agility training.  Our objective is to enhance overall player performance, increase skill and knowledge of the game, boost confidence and decrease the risk of injury for every player in our academy.

We greatly appreciate your interest in our products and services. It is our sincere hope that you'll take advantage of the opportunity and many benefits the Mitchell Pitching Academy offer at affordable rates. If you are truly determined and committed to improving your game, schedule a one-on-one training session TODAY! If time and scheduling are a deterent, please take advantage of our Online Pitching Analysis Service. Don't delay, our former MLB players are waiting to impart knowledge and train YOU!


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The Mitchell Pitching Academy is committed to making YOU a better baseball player! Your determination, hard work and desire to be better and our outstanding training and experience are a Recipe For Success. Our staff of former MLB players await your call! Don't Delay!

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